Hello Bixelangelo 4.0

To celebrate the launch of Bixelangelo 4.0, I am giving you this simple BluffTitler show.

What you will find...

There are two 'secrets' revealed:

  1. How to use a simple greyscale video to create caustics. This example uses an animated texture I created in Genetica 4.0 (which doesn't seem to be under any further development - pity!) applied as a reflection map. When first applied the object looses its diffused appearance and in order to compensate for this, the colour values are increased beyond 256.
  2. How to use picture layers with the water.cfx applied to allow texturing on both sides of the picture (plane). This idea will also work with an eps layer and afford you access to other interesting shapes for puddles, circular swimming pools, etc...

I hope you enjoy learning from this gift