BluffTitler comes in three flavours: EASY, PRO and ULTIMATE. This site hosts a moderate collection of tutorials that you might find helpful in deepening your joy and understanding of BluffTitler and its potential as a valuable tool in your production arsenal.

BluffTitler is a program that runs exclusively on 32-bit MS Windows© for the creation of titles and short 3D animations that can serve as; intros, outros, titles, overlays and other effects you will want to add to your creative productions. For more information please visit Outerspace-Software.com—the company that created BluffTitler.


The tutorials on this website are divided into three main sections; EASY, PRO and ULTIMATE for ease of reference. Each section has an introduction which explains what you will need to know in order to gain the most from the tutorials housed therein, which are then catalogued under the various tool sets that BluffTitler offers.

To gain the most from this site, it is recommend that you read through all sections in the order given. The reason for this is that all tutorials will follow each other progressively and build on what has gone before. It really matters not that you may have purchased the ULTIMATE version (and congratulations on doing so!) you will still find interesting information in the EASY and PRO sections of value to you. It is hoped that all the tutorials offered will set you up on a fine foundation for further learning as you get to grips with the logic and program flow of this software product.

Finally, it is my sincere wish that you are successful in acquiring valuable knowledge and insight into BluffTitler and that you become a passionate advocate of the program, using it at every opportunity your workflow offers.

Your guide,


Selinita BLUFF