EASY Tutorials

It’s great to have your company in this section. Don’t be put off by the title ‘EASY’, there are many interesting topics presented in this section... The word ‘EASY’ simply refers to one of the three editions that BluttTitler is offered for purchase.

The tutorials in this section will start from the ground up, giving you the necessary steps to progress rapidly from beginner, through intermediate to a more advanced and confident user. If you own a different version of BluffTitler it is not necessary to switch to the EASY version to follow along with any of the tutorials in this section. If, on the other hand you do not own a copy, but would like to try the tutorials yourself anyway, then you can jump across to the vendor’s website Outerspace-Software.Com and download a free trial version.

As more learning material is added, the picture panel at the bottom of this page will house a random selection of thumbnails from all the EASY tutorials as they are published so you can get a flavour of what’s on offer and the kind of effects you will be able to confidently achieve as you progress. Even seasoned users may find something they didn’t know here.

There is also no need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ (so to speak), a lot of the information you will need to complete these tutorials is already published on Outerspace-Software.Com’s website and you will, therefore, be referred to relevant sections as new topics are introduced.

Are you ready for an exciting adventure? Well, let’s get started... EASY Lesson ONE: The Camera Layer